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  • 【PGI】Pepsinogen I Assay Kit (Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Method)
  • 【PGI】Pepsinogen I Assay Kit (Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Method)

【PGI】Pepsinogen I Assay Kit (Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Method)

The kit is used to quantitatively determine the content of pepsinogen I in human serum in vitro.


Background of Clinical Indications

It is used for the auxiliary diagnosis of hepatopathy, atrophic gastritis and other diseases. PGI is the indicator to detect the function of gastric acid-secreting gland cells. When gastric acid secretion is increased, PGI is increased, and when gastric acid secretion is decreased or the gastric mucosal glands are atrophied, PGI is decreased.

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Packing specification

Item No. Specification (Reagent 1) Specification (Reagent 2) Packing category
A019-a 54 x 2 10 x 2 7170
A019-a11 54 x 3 10 x 3 7060 Big package
A019-b 54 x 2 10 x 2 7060
A019-b11 54 x 3 10 x 3 7060 Big package
A019-c 54 x 2 10 x 2 Beckman CX series/LX20 series/DXC600/800 series、AU series etc.
A019-d 27 x 2 5 x 2 TBA 120FR/TBA 2000FR/TBA40FR


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