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  • detail of 【ASO】Anti-streptolysin
  • detail of 【ASO】Anti-streptolysin
  • detail of 【ASO】Anti-streptolysin
  • detail of 【ASO】Anti-streptolysin
  • detail of 【ASO】Anti-streptolysin
  • detail of 【ASO】Anti-streptolysin

【ASO】Anti-streptolysin "O" Assay Kit (Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Method)

This kit is used to quantitatively detect the content of anti-streptolysin "O" in human serum in vitro.


Background of Clinical Indications

Streptococcal hemolysin "O" is one of the metabolites of group A hemolytic streptococci. It is a protein with hemolytic activity and antigenicity. The anti-streptolysin "O" (ASO) in normal humans has a certain basic value. After hemolytic streptococcus infection, ASO increases, so ASO has become an important indicator for judging streptococcal infection. Increased streptococcal hemolysin "O" is common in patients with diseases such as rheumatic fever, hemolytic streptococcal infection, and acute glomerulonephritis. In addition, Coxsackie B virus, hypercholesterolemia, hemolysis, hepatitis, nephrotic syndrome and other diseases can show non-specific anti-"O" increase.

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Packing specification

Item No. Specification (Reagent 1) Specification (Reagent 2) Packing category
H001-a 60 x 1 15 x 1 7170
H001-b 80 x 1 20 x 1 7060
H001-c 80 x 1 20 x 1 Beckman CX series/LX20 series/DXC600/800 series、AU series etc.
H001-d 40 x 2 10 x 2 TBA 120FR/TBA 2000FR/TBA40FR