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  • detail of 【MPO】Myeloperoxidase Assay Kit (Enzymatic Method)
  • detail of 【MPO】Myeloperoxidase Assay Kit (Enzymatic Method)

【MPO】Myeloperoxidase Assay Kit (Enzymatic Method)

This kit is used to quantitatively determine the content of myeloperoxidase in human serum in vitro.


Background of Clinical Indications

It is mainly used for the auxiliary diagnosis of cardiovascular system inflammation. It is mainly related to diseases such as microscopic polyarteritis (MPA) and allergic granulomatous angiitis (CSS).

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Packing specification

Item No. Specification (Reagent 1) Specification (Reagent 2) Packing category
F005-a 48 x 1 24 x 1 7170
F005-b 48 x 1 24 x 1 7060