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  • detail of 【5'-NT】5'-Nucleotidase (Peroxidase Method)
  • detail of 【5'-NT】5'-Nucleotidase (Peroxidase Method)
  • detail of 【5'-NT】5'-Nucleotidase (Peroxidase Method)
  • detail of 【5'-NT】5'-Nucleotidase (Peroxidase Method)
  • detail of 【5'-NT】5'-Nucleotidase (Peroxidase Method)
  • detail of 【5'-NT】5'-Nucleotidase (Peroxidase Method)

【5'-NT】5'-Nucleotidase (Peroxidase Method)

This kit is used to quantitatively detect the activity of 5'-Nucleotidase in human serum in vitro.


Background of Clinical Indications

Increased 5'-Nucleotidase activity is common in patients with primary and metastatic liver disorder, pancreatic disorder, biliary obstruction, cholangitis, acute and chronic hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis, and drug-induced liver injury. Its activity can be increased by 2 to 6 times, and it is positively correlated with the severity of the disease, which can help determine the alkaline phosphatase to occur in hepatobiliary disorders or bone marrow disorders. ALP is increased in hepatobiliary disorders and diseases of skeletal system. For 5-NT, except for increase in hepatobiliary disorders, it is generally not increased in diseases of skeletal system. It is helpful for the differential diagnosis of hepatocellular jaundice and obstructive jaundice. 5-NT in the latter is significantly higher than that in the former.

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Packing specification

Item No. Specification (Reagent 1) Specification (Reagent 2) Packing category
A005-a 60 x 1 20 x 1 7170
A005-a11 60 x 2 40 x 1 7170
A005-a12 60 x 4 40 x 2 7170 Big package
A005-b 60 x 1 20 x 1 7060
A005-b12 60 x 4 40 x 2 7060 Big package
A005-c 60 x 1 20 x 1 Beckman CX series/LX20 series/DXC600/800 series、AU series etc.