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【SAA】Serum Amyloid A Assay Kit (Latex Enhanced Immunoturbidimetric Method)

This kit is used to quantitatively detect the content of serum amyloid A in human serum in vitro.


Background of Clinical Indications

Clinically, it is mainly used as a non-specific inflammation indicator. Serum amyloid A is an acute phase protein, and its concentration in the blood rises sharply during inflammation, infectious and non-infectious diseases. Increased serum amyloid A is also seen in patients with atherosclerosis, diabetes, nephropathy, acute myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease, chronic kidney disease.

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Packing specification

Item No. Specification (Reagent 1) Specification (Reagent 2) Packing category
M003-a 60 x 1 15 x 1 7170
M003-a11 60 x 2 15 x 2 7170 Double
M003-b 80 x 1 20 x 1 7060
M003-b11 80 x 2 20 x 2 7060 Double
M003-b12 80 x 3 60 x 1 7060 Big package
M003-d 40 x 2 10 x 2 TBA 120FR/TBA 2000FR/TBA40FR